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contour 2 issues...

Some mornings when we turn on the TV, the picture on the screen is stuck...the whole system has to be rebooted (this is not the tv connected to the DVR directly)

The Tv connected directly to the DVR goes off and on several times a day, sometimes it comes back by itself, others it has to be turned off (box & tv) and back on

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  • Java

    It looks like you're having a few different issues here with two of the boxes. I see that they were recently installed. I did run a quick test and the equipment looks fine. Just to be clear, the DVR shuts itself off and on several times a day by itself and one of the client boxes, (the non-DVR), the picture freezes and you have to reset it frequently, is that correct? On the client box, you said that the picture freezes. Are you seeing the screensaver frame that comes up when you haven't been watching TV for awhile? It typically shows the temperature outside and maybe some photos from the area you live in or are you seeing a picture that's frozen? We may need to get a field tech out to take a look.

    Stephanie S.
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