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Contour 2 hassle/**

WHY is this system SO user UNFRIENDLY?

It's super slow.

I can't jump to oldest recordings first to view them in order.

I can't channel surf using up/down channel button without seeing EVERY channel and not just the ones I subscribe to.

I have to push a button 3 times to change channel and wait while it thinks about it.

TV caller id doesn't work and when it did (for a week) it was lame. Call history mysteriously hidden like most functions. It takes 5 minutes to access something that took 5 seconds on my prior Contour 1 Cisco box without this "whole house" **.

I can no longer swap between 2 channels and have a pause on both channels

Can't see the clock/display on box. It's a blue blur - AWFUL!

Cox made a HUGE mistake glomming onto old Comcast equipment and making it their own.

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  • Hi chico,

    Thanks for your message. We appreciate your feedback. Contour 1 and the New Contour system do have some significant differences and we appreciate any opportunity to receive your thoughts. Perhaps we can share some helpful info that may help you with the New Contour. We also want to see how we can improve your experience.

    The New Contour doesn't have the option to skip channels, however, you can chose favorite channels and change the Guide Default to Favorites, and utilize this feature to skim those channels you favor most.

    Are you still experiencing a delay or lack of response on just the channel function response from the remote? Is this happening on all receivers, or just the host?

    We want to investigate why the Caller ID Banner isn't appearing for you. This feature should be available, have you spoken with an agent about this already? There are some steps we would need to take to troubleshoot or see how we can address this feature not appearing any longer.

    What feature with the New Contour is taking 5 minutes to access?

    Thanks for any update since your original message, and I apologize for the delay in reply.

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    Change brings on all kinds of problems that should not exist; but change usually has some merit or reason for being.

    Cox has apparently tried to improve it's box but the programming gurus have primarily focused on making the box in tandem with the remote more user friendly. 

    Another reason for the missteps or missing features and benefits probably has to do with what the programmers perceive as more important to them and they are very fixated on what they do.

    We as consumers have to simply do as you are doing - Complain and call attention to deficiencies that we perceive as needing to be changed. 

    I noticed that as a consumer, we need to be able to change the SIZE of the FONT within the GUIDE to make it easier to see and read the GUIDE from a reasonable Television watching distance. The way the FONT shows up now on the Contour 2 connected to a television under 50 inches in size you have to sit way to close to the television to be able to read the FONT if you have bad eyes, or are looking to get bad eyes by being too close to the television set.

    The more comments from consumers like you and me within the Forums about issues like we are bringing up, the more likely the word will trickle down to the programming GURUS.