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Contour 2 features

Several features that I can't find or figure out.  

1. Skipping channels, don't want to see things I don't want to watch

2.  Default channel when I turn on my tv/contour, always tune to that channel 


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  • Hi Gypsyred3,

    You can personalize the Contour 2 guide using preset filters and your list of Favorite channels. Contour 2 doesn't currently have an option that allows you to set a "power-on" channel like you can with Rovi and the original Contour, but it may be added in future updates. TV Caller ID is coming to Contour 2 very, very soon!

    Learn more about Contour 2 at the Contour 2 Resource Center.

  • I have a Contour 2 box (Cisco Explorer 9865HDC) and I can set the power on channel.  I use the "Settings" button.  If your remote doesn't have that button, then press the "Cox" button and go down to "Settings".  Scroll down to "Channels", then select "Set Power On Channel".  From there, you can select "Last Channel" or the number of the channel that you want for power on.  Let me know if that works for you. 

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    Contour 2 remote has no Cox button and there is no way to set the power on channel.   You have Contour not Contour 2

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    Have had Contour 2 (X1-A & XiD-P boxes w/voice control remote) for two months.  Shortcomings I've seen compared with the old Contour (Cisco boxes):

    1. As above, can't set skipped channels.  Sorry Becky K, setting favorites in the Guide is NOT a solution.  This makes the channel up/down buttons useless - I do not want to toggle through the 800 or so channels not in my package or I don't watch.  In other words, you can't "surf" with Contour 2.

    2. Remote only supports Cox boxes and a TV.  No DVD, external audio (who uses the tinny TV speakers?), Roku, etc.  The old Contour remote supported all of these.  Because of that I use Logitech Harmony remotes for both of my TV setups.  Sorry Cox, can't use your voice control without juggling two remotes.

    3. No "DVR List" button on remote (i.e. go direct to recordings) that Contour (1) had.  It now requires 4 button presses stepping through the Contour menu to get to your recordings.  Poor UI design.  (See above - I can't use voice control).

    For what it's worth the new Arris DVR is WAY more reliable and bug-free than the awful Cisco DVR (aka "Reboot Weekly/Service Call Quarterly" DVR).

  • Hello jP98SLK,

    Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate all customer feedback so we can provide the best possible customer experience. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator