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Contour 2 Features

I just got Cox Contour TV installed. I'm planning on shutting off my Dish subscribtion and already having buyer's remorse. Many of the features that I'm accustomed to are not available on Contour.  

1. I use to be able to set up customized timers to record programs.  I could set it up for daily, weekly, etc. I could also setup the timer for specific times. This doesn't appear to be available on Contour.  

2. I could switch tuners and allow for buffering to take place. When i switched back I could rewind the buffered program and view what I missed   

3. The skip ahead on Contour skips by a lot.  On dish I could skip 30 seconds. Very handy during football games or golf tournaments. When i use the Contour skip I've skipped something like five minutes ahead. 

4.  When I setup timers I could extend the time for up to 90 minutes.  Contour only gives me 30 additional minutes. I miss most of the 4th qtr in football games  

Since the Contour2 remote has so few buttons and feature or buried I'm thinking there's a way to do all thes things but i can't find them. 

Do these features exists?

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    The features you are inquiring about are not available with the technology of Contour 2. They are available with the legacy Contour. One feature that can be used with Contour 2 is our remote scheduling service. You can set recording from our website or Cox Connect app on any mobile device. I know this isn't the ideal fix but it can be useful if you need to set a manual recording or extend a recording when you are not home. I have submitted your suggestion to our Video Product Team for review. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.