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Contour 2 DVR Programming

I used to have the old contour system and was able to record sports series, specifically soccer games such as premier league or champions league or FA Cup and record all occurances. I can only seem to record one game at a time which is a pain as I will likely forget. Am I missing something

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  • Hi Azbrit,

    The listings in the new Contour Guide are grouped a little differently that most of us are used to. The new Contour will often list a different title for each "round" of league play. Instead of listing the Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday rounds of golf as "European PGA Tour Golf", the new Contour may list each round individually. The Guide may display "European PGA Tour Golf, First Round" and "European PGA Tour Golf, Second Round," for example. We're working to make the Guide data more consistent on each of our video platforms.

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    I understand and look forward to improvements. I certainly don't mind setting up recordings for every channel there is a game on, as with your example the European PGA Tour Gold rounds may be on different channels, but recording each round separately is not very helpful and a step backwards in supported functionality. With travel and busy life, it is very hard to remember to record individual games. thanks