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Contour 2 DVR Fast Forward acting odd

Our COX Contour 2 DVR (main box) recently has some odd behavoir during fast forward.

Watching a show that has been paused,  sometimes when we fast forward the time marker moves to the end then back to where we were fast forwarding from.   This has only started to happen.  Has there been a change?  Is there a new option we don't know about?

Another strange behavior: while playing a recording,   if we pickup the remote, sometimes the playing position jumps approx 10 to 15 minutes ahead.  Unfortunately we are not sure what button was pressed when we grabbed the remote.   Is there an jump ahead 10 minute option?



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  • Hello JohnRob,

    Thanks for your message to our Forums! Are you using the XR11-RF Universal Cox Remote with your Contour 2 DVR? You can control how fast the playback rewinds or fast-forwards when holding the key or tapping the key to Fast-Forward (FF) or Rewind (RR).

    There are ways to change the speed or resume viewing. Are you tapping or holding the Fast-Forward Key on the remote when you see the playback skip? The length of time you press and hold the FF or RW key will change the speed.