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Contour 2 can't record series?

We just got the Contour 2 and are having trouble recording a series.

On the original Contour, we could select a show, then record all new episodes.

On the Contour 2, we see the "All future episodes" option for *some* shows, but for other shows, you can only record that one episode.

How do we fix this so we can record the entire series for all shows?

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    Just to be clear, on the shows where we can only record one episode, there isn't even an option to record "All future episodes".

  • Hi Edw,

    How are you accessing the show you want to record? We've noticed discrepancies when setting up a series recording for a show using the voice search feature. Our engineers are still investigating, so our best suggestion is to schedule all series recordings through the time grid Guide.

    Can you provide an example of a show name where "all future episodes" isn't an option?

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    Hi Becky, I'm actually not using the voice search yet.

    One example is pretty much any show on channel 485...e.g. LA 18 Evening News, or Midday Buzz, both of which are on every weekday. If you hit Record, you don't get the option to record All Episodes.

    I remember there were shows on other channels, but I can't remember them at this time.

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    I'm wondering if this may have something to do with the kinds of programs you're trying to record. A traditional TV series for example will understand that there are multiple episodes that are classified as new or repeat where as a movie is just a single program so you would not be given the option to record the entire series. A newscast could very well be interpreted the same way seeing as how it's not a serial story.

    Also, why haven't you tried the voice search yet? I got my Contour 2 last week and honestly we spent the whole evening trolling the voice remote with random movie quotes to see how many movies it could correctly find in the guide :) If you're a Tom Cruise fan try voice searching "I feel the need for speed" or "You can't handle the truth".