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Contour 2 are all 6 tuners being recorded?

We just changed from Contour (Cisco box) to Contour 2 (ARRIS box).   On the Cisco box, all 6 tuners were spooled to the hard drive and you could switch to any one of them and backup either 1 hour or to when that tuner was put on that channel.

The Contour 2 (ARRIS) seems to only spool the current select channel.   Switching to one of the other 5 tuners will not allow you to backup to before you changed to than tuner (channel).

Am I missing something?


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    Thanks JohnRob. The Contour 2 equipment functions differently in that regard. It does not permit that same behavior to exist between them. There may be an update in the future that allows for that to change. Currently that is the standard for these models.

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