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Contour 2 and Samsung TV (Tizen)


I have a TV in a room with no cable outlet (laying new cables is not an option), and would like to stream live TV via Contour (app or website), however, neither is working. Apparently there is no app in the Samsung app store accessible from my TV, and tells me my device is not supported (it's a 2016 Samsung TV running Tizen 3.0 OS).

If there is no Samsung app for Tizen OS, and your website doesn't support the browser used by my TV, what options do I have ? I see that people have issues with Roku, Apple TV and Fire TV as well. Is there any solution that works with smart TVs ? 

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  • Hi SAP_Pete,

    We are working to expand Contour's compatibility with third-party applications like Smart TVs, Roku, and Apple TV. Stay tuned as we move forward in 2017!