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Contour 2 Not being able to watch a recorded program before it is done recording

CONTOUR 2..  Ok, I know I could do this 2 weeks ago.  I want to watch a recording before it is done recording.  I have the Voice set to record every new show.  Its a 2 hour show.  Last night at 9:15 pm I came home -- went to recorded shows-- No option to watch The Voice.  On the 'Scheduled" screen, It showed recording, but I could not get to it.  Options to watch said live TV.  Selected live TV but would only go back 1 hour so I could not watch the first 15 mins.  I went to the "Recorded" screen after the Voice was over and it did record the hold thing.

Also crazy, as I was watching the Voice live after I rewound to the begining (15 minutes into it), I switched to Dancing with the stars for a second and switched back to the Voice but I could not rewind back to where I left off.  It was back to live only.

I want to know what changed.  A couple weeks ago I got home at the same time and had no problem watching the recording.  2 weeks ago when you went to 'Recordings' you could watch the show as it was recording.  

The hold reason for a DVR is to be able to time switch so with out this ability it is a waste of money.

It seems to have happened after I rebooted the box last week

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    Is the cable straight from the wall to the DVR or is there a splitter?

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    I rebooted the box and all is well again.  Don't know what happened but the reboot worked.