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Contour 2. how do you limit number of episodes to keep?

I have a series recording for "The Big Bang Theory", The Record options for the series is to "Keep Only 25 episodes". However, the count is currently 55 and still climbing. Same thing is happening for other series I have tried to control have many episodes are kept.

How do I get this to work and only record and keep the last 25 episodes?

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  • @John2222

    Is this happening with all recordings or just this one series? 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator. 

  • This is happening with all rerun shows of recordings that are broadcast by multiple channels.  Such as "Two and a Half Men", "Mike and Molly" etc.

    Current shows that are broadcast by CBS, NBC, etc. work properly.

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    Thank you. Of those programs that air on multiple networks, are there more than 25 recordings from any one network?

    Erica W - Cox Support Forums Moderator


  • Yes.  For "The Big Bang Theory" 70 episodes are currently saved.  I counted over 30 episodes are from channel 008 TBSP, but others are from 1013 KCOPDDT etc.  

    I don't think there is an option to record  xx episodes per channel.  These reruns are rebroadcast from multiple independent channels.  

    Set one up yourself and see what happens.  Choose a popular series that is rerun on multiple channels (Friends, Big Bang etc.) and wait a few days.

  • @John2222,

    You can set the dvr to record on one specific channel or multiple channels. In your case, I suggest setting the dvr to record only on the main channel that is showing the new shows. That should reduce the number of episodes that the dvr is recording.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator. 

  • The only Record Options for the series is "HD preferred" or "SD preferred".

    I think there is a programming problem (bug) in Contour software that doesn't handle series properly that are broadcast on multiple channels.

    Besides, how can I stop Contour 2 from recording any more future shows of "The Big Bang Theory"?  Other than deleting everything already saved....

  • @John2222,

    When you access the saved menu in Contour 2, you should see the scheduled listings. Choose the series and then select options. Under options select all episodes (unless you are recording only one) and then you will see the option for channels.

    Also, you can cancel the scheduled series without deleting the recordings.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.