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Contour 2 - Recording a set day / time ?

With the old DVR you were able to set a recording such as:

Every Saturday from 8-10pm record Channel 1234

This came in handy for my wife because every saturday night Hallmark played a new movie during that time.

However since its a movie with a new title you can't do a regular series recording.

I don't see that this is an option with the new Contour box, am I just missing something?

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    The manual recording option is not available on Contour 2 system. I can submit a request to possibly add this feature later. Please let me know in which city and state you live.

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  • PLEASE add manual record!!  I have a situation here, the guide is off by one hour on one program I record, "Solo Boxeo".  If I record by the guide, the recording starts one hour early, so, I need to be able to create a manual recording on this channel that starts an hour late.  No other way to do it, I can only stop a regular recording a half hour late and I need it to go an hour over.  Of course, you could always fix the stupid guide so it's in the correct time zone, but I'm sure that's too much to ask. 

  • It actually is available with the new Contour. If you move the cursor over the the left and highlight the channel/network, hit select and then record. You will be prompted for how long to set your recording and which date you would like for this channel to record.

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