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Contour 2 - recently watched movies

Just got the Contour 2. I used to be able to pause what I was watching and come back to the program when I was ready. With this, it logs me out of my program after a few minutes and turns back to regular tv (if I'm watching on demand or something on the DVR.) Finding recently watched tv shows is fine but everything is purchase this and purchase that with this new box, which is super annoying but in the old on demand there was a place where it said recently watched on each network. Now, when I go to network half the time it's taking me directly to the channel and the other half it gives me the options of seeing what shows are available on the channel. I keep getting timed out of this particular movie that I have been watching and there's NOWHERE for me to access it again easily. I found it on demand - free movies- somewhere down at the bottom and each time I get timed out of the movie I have to find it again... is there a recently watched like the old box had? I only see it for TV shows on the guide page but not for recently watched movies on demand. It would be nice if EVERYTHING you watch showed up on the guide page not just recently watched TV shows. 

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    The easiest way to get back to what you were watching last is to press the "Last" button on the remote control. No matter what you were watching, On Demand, a specific channel or a recording off of your DVR, the "Last" button will take you back to that program. That way you can avoid having to search around for what you were watching.

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  • Thanks for your response. Does the last button work when the tv/box has been turned off? I'm wondering if I can watch something, leave and come back to it later and then press last or only when it's still active. 

    I'm also wondering if I am able to keep shows on pause longer... my older DVR would pause for 30 minutes before returning to TV and this one lasts about 5 min. 

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    Hello helllllppppme,

    The last button will work to go to the last channel after powering the box off/on. If you press last then go to that channel it will start from that point and you will not be able to rewind. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Thanks