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Contour 2 - no voice command on remote

Hi - I just got a Contour record 2 DVR - EVERYTHING I am looking at on Cox's site says I should have voice commands. I don't nor does my remote look like the one on their site. When you compare the 2 to the 6 the only noted differences are record times and program suggestions. What gives? Seems like comparing features on boxes should be pretty easy.



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  • It sounds like you may have the original contour system which does not have voice control capabilities. Does your remote look like this?

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    Yes that's it - the URC-8820

    the box is a Explorer 8642 HDC

    Looking at the website there is nothing about this model and it's not what I wanted or thought I was getting. I just got it 4 days ago!!

    It has also jumped twice from paused live TV - to a different channel for no reason, no scheduled recordings, accidental remote bumps or otherwise.!!

  • Hello,

    We can certainly help resolve this issue for you. Please send us an email with your full address to


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.