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Contour 1

Had a problem with Contour 1 today. Local monthly "Emergency Action" message pre-empted all TV programs.

Upon completion, box would not release the "EAS" display. Unplugged/replugged box (master). Gave "no signal for this channel" indication. Tried several more with same result. Had automated signal sent to box boxes. A single channel then came on: unable to change or call up guide. Turned TV on/off and restored on both boxes.

BUT....volume on master box (mini was fine) was reduced by about 4-6 levels. Recording which was on 15 had to be upped to 20/22. Broadcast show volume from 12-17/18. Called support but no luck after sending another signal to master only. Tried moving "SAP" off/on/off: no joy.

Have tech coming tomorrow with new box. But why would all the foregoing actions cause volume to significantly decrease on master? No actually TV settings changed: checked with remote provided with TV.

Strangely, volume on mini remains fine (support said that is usually the one affected) although it too experienced same problems as master after the "EAS" break.

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  • Did you happen to adjust any of the other default audio settings for the cable box prior to this? If so, it is possible that one of the settings could have been reset back to the default setting after one of your recent resets.

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