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Contour 1

I've had a few questions and problems withy relatively new Contour 1 cable boxes but have had them resolved. Now a new question: Yesterday - Friday - I had two shows scheduled to record via Series Manager. Both shows were on the same channel and back to back. A check earlier yesterday showed both shows were "double checked" by Series Manager as ready to record.  However, only 1 show was recorded: the second of the two. The first was sent to Missed Recordings with the explanation that it - Contour I'd guess - had a problem tuning in to the desired channel. But it was the SAME channel that was successfully recorded the next hour. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    I have a Contour 1 and enjoy it.  but it does make lots of mistakes.  Some shows end up in Missed Recordings saying "this show conflicted with a high priority recording". which makes no sense since there is no "high priority" and I wouldn't choose it if it existed.  I also get a lot of "show could not be found in the Guide" which seems odd because it was there when i looked.  if a show is important to me, I now record it a 2nd time on a SD channel (non HD).  if Contour has a problem "tuning into the desired channel" I can still watch the show on SD.  

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    My month old Contour 1 is having similar problems. I get quite a few "could not record because the show was not in the guide". Those I scheduled to record were listed as "New" or "First Run" so not sure why it could not record unless the shows were changed after the Series Manager initially picked them up. Have not gotten the "higher priority" one yet. I record all mine off SD - I think - rather than HD so maybe I need to think about manually recording my certain favorites also on HD? Will check but believe they are recording on SD. I see the "record/view on HD" on the right side of the banner on the bottom of just turned on shows so I need to check that. Found out that I cannot delete the "Missed Recordings" unless I have the box reset to factory specs in which case I'd loose all unwatched recordings as well as those scheduled to record via Series Manager. Had a few "could not record due to technical problems" also. Bugs need to be worked out with Contour 1.