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Contour 1 some channels in Spanish.

Several months ago I was told my customer service that I could take my receivers in and exchange to contour boxes and it would come with the  "smart remote control". We installed the contour receivers no smart remote just regular remote.  I called today they said that cox had two contour boxes - contour 1 and 2  - the couture 1 is a self install - the contour two we have to schedule a tech to come install for $50.00 - Ridiculous - so much for loyalty for 35 years - just venting I wish the customer rep would have mentioned that several months ago when he was describing the features of the smart remote - now last nite cops on spike channel was in Spanish and the the commercials were in English.  Then the next eposide was in English - weird - no this morning the AMC movie was in Spanish then several minutes later in change to English the customer service rep said to check if the SAP reads off - it was off - it's just weird that it happen twice with the new CONTOUR 1 box since yesterday 

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  • Hi Malik,

    I'm sorry that swapping your receivers has been such a disappointing and frustrating experience! We have two Contour products. Contour 2 launched in Phoenix in April of this year, and does offer a voice-controlled remote.

    Cox requires a professional installation for Contour 2 due to the networked nature of the equipment involved. The installing technician will survey your entire home and test communication between each of the cable receivers to ensure that the coax cabling in the home is adequate to support the service. The pro-install requirement could change in the future, but we've found that it actually reduces service calls in the long run, and improves the overall customer experience.

    Please let us know if you have any further issues with the SAP (Secondary Audio Programming) settings on your Contour receivers. We're happy to help!