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Contour 1 Missed Recordings

First question: I have about 7-9 items listed under "DVR List" > "Missed Recordings" for various reasons: "Shows could not be found in Guide" and "Due to technical problems" being the most common. Any idea how to delete these Missed Recordings from being displayed? Highlighting an individual one and pressing Select does nothing; thought that might give me options.  Neither does highlighting one of the missed recordings and pressing either the red "C" or green "D" buttons. I spoke to a Cox rep via phone today and she could not find a way to delete missed recordings. She send a signal thru both boxes which did not clear the problem. She did say that Contour 1 as a system is having some problems in various areas of the country. 

Second question: Tried recording a show which was in progress by highlighting it in Guide and pressing the red "Rec" button. The red ball appeared on the Guide but no red "recording" light was on the DVR. After the show ended, it went under "Missed Recording" as "Due to technical problems". Any idea why it would do this? Future recordings seem to come out mostly well but this show was the SECOND show today - recording an IN PROGRESS show - which went under "Missed Recording" as "Due to technical problems". Has Contour 1 been having problems with recording shows which are in progress by pressing the red "Rec" button? This happened after I had the phone call regarding question number 1 so i was not able to resolve this issue at that time. Shooting the signal thru for the first problem apparently did not prevent the second. Thanks!

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    Since the missed recordings do not take up space, they can't be deleted. I did take a look through our known issues and I'm not seeing any trouble with recordings for the Contour 1 DVR service. Can you tell me how long you've been having this issue with the recordings?

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    You can't delete the Missed Recordings list. they sit there for apx 2 weeks.   I get both of the messages that you mention.  generally the DVR records acceptably but it has lots of problems that don't go away by rebooting or having the Cox phone tech send a software update.    2nd) I have a high number of problems with recording a show in progress.  What I do now is to go to my Recorded Shows List and now..... (apx 1 minute after I have hit RECORD).   then I know immediately if the recording is having "technical" problems or not.  once it has difficulty the first time, it seldom works the 2nd time. so I just watch it live or try to Record it on an SD channel which is showing the program at the same time.  

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    Found out yesterday about the Missed Recordings not being able to delete. Haven't seen them leave after 2 weeks but will keep an eye on it. Cox supvr said they cannot be removed w/o resetting the box but moving hem after 2 weeks would seem to be reasonable. I have so many show - some for me some for my wife - on Series manager that it'd be tough to keep track of them all and check real time to see if they are recording. Gonna check again to see if I'm recording SH/HD. If Contour was working as it should, that should not be required. A bette box than my old silver Scientific Atlanta (I think) but that one was more reliable even though it would not record as many shows simultaneously. Does Cox send software updates automatically? Had to unplug/plug the mini box yesterday as it "lost" the connectivity btwn Cox/box. Chat rep was VERY helpful it getting it restored and researching the info on Missed Recordings. Very novel solution. Gotta give her kudos for that.