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Contour: Recording a show already in progress

Recently upgraded from an old Motorola box to the new Contour record 6.  The Contour does everything better than the old Motorola, with one exception.  On the Motorola, if you press "record" while watching live TV, the box would save the ENTIRE show -- all the back to the start. The Contour on the other hand only saves forward from the point "record" was pressed.  Most frustrating, since as we all know the box has that first part of the show stored anyway for live replay purposes.  And it has the guide data to figure out how far back to go.  But even if you use the live rewind feature to skip all the way back to the start of the show before pressing "record", the Contour still only records from the current point in the live broadcast.

By way of example:  Ten minutes into a show, you decide you would like to save the whole program to share with a family member. Possible with the Motorola, but not with Contour.  Another example:  You arrive home, turn on the TV and it is halfway through an interesting show.  Wish you could save the whole thing, from the start.  Possible with the Motorola, but not with Contour.

Any chance of this flaw being fixed in the future?

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  • Hello Rooibos,

    Thanks for your message on Cox Forums. We're happy to hear you're pleased with the New Contour. I can share your feedback about your interest in seeing the New Contour to save from the point of viewing, and not the time record was pressed on the remote.

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    Totally agree.  There were posts about this in the past.  Contour 2 good, but it is really disappointing that you cannot record the entire show.  Your example happens to me frequently.