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Contour - Viewing your DVR recorded programs! Still impossible on Apple / Android devices

Contour - Viewing your DVR recorded programs on devices. STILL NOT POSSIBLE!

After getting over the initial shock from receiving my COX bill that no longer included the 1 yr. Contour discount after upgrading previous COX cable TV service, in hopes of justifying the increased monthly expense, I was thinking why buy TV's for other rooms when I can watch my Contour DVR programs just like ant other Contour program on mobile Apple or Android devices within my home.

From bigdaddi5x5 question and COX reply posted below way back in Oct 2013, here it is now June 2017 and STILL no ability to watch DVR programs on devices. Not even within my COX Internet supplied home network! 

One of the biggest reasons to upgrade my COX cable TV service after careful cost comparisons between COX Cable packages vs COX Contour that offered similar programming was the ability to watch saved programs regardless from what device (TV, tablet, computer) they were to be viewed as told by COX Connect store rep..

To my disappointment, I was UP SOLD...not upgraded!

The days of Cox Communications being the ONLY cable and broadcast television provider in town have fortunately come to an end with options like streaming media, satellite, and digital antenna and DVR boxes now available to us the consumer. How many times do we Cox Cable customers sigh when viewing our monthly COX bill? For a family or individual who needs or wants more than BASIC media services, the cot of COX Contour (is really Comcast Xfinity) is one of the biggest monthly expeditures that exceeds the cost of other combined media services.

Time to deliver what the consumer and YOUR customers are wanting in today''s competitive media provider markets COX or you will soon go the way of Beta/VCR/cassette tapes, rotary telehones, and 20 foot long Cadillac's...


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I subscribed to Contour with the promise from Cox Customer Service that I could watch DVR recorded programs on my iPads.  I don't know how to get this to work.  Please explain it.

I have heard from many Contour subscribers that they CAN access their DVR recordings on their iPad.  I have also read on this forum Cox employees answer questions regarding this feature by explaining "that this ability is impossible at the current time."  What is the real answer on this important topic???  How do I set my iPad up to watch my currently recorded DVR programs using the Contour Application???

This would be THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE to me, as a Cox Contour customer, as I am frequently away on business and would like to view programs that I have recorded!  Please clear this up. (Or give an update.)

How are some Contour customers viewing their DVR programs while some customers are being told that this "service" is not a current feature???  (I plan to buy several more iPads if I can get this to work, so that all my whole family can access their favorite recorded program!)

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Posted by Becky 
    28 Oct 2013 8:41 AM
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    Hi Bigdaddi5x5,

    We are working on a system that will allow users to watch DVRed recordings on an iPad or other mobile device, but this is not a feature currently available. I truly apologize for any miscommunication on our part! The Contour App has the following features and benefits:

    1. Set up individual user profiles and get personalized show recommendations for up to 8 people in your home
    2. Set up a personal watch list of shows and movies for each user
    3. View, search, and schedule recordings from the Guide
    4. View and set Parental Controls
    5. Watch over 90 live TV channels
    6. Choose and watch from over a thousand different movies in the Cox On Demand library 
    7. Use the app as a remote using the “Watch on TV” feature which allows you to push a current program or On Demand show from your iPad to the Television

    Many of the channels you subscribe to have individual apps that allow you to watch programs outside of your home. Contour can link you to those apps so you can save the shows you want to watch in your Contour Watch List! 

    For more info about Contour, check out and I hope this helps! 

    Becky K.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator