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Contour - recorded programs list

Hi - We have a 6 channel Contour box.  My wife loves old movies and she has filled the box to 80% capacity with these. She has so many recorded, that she tends to add some of her favorites multiple times.  There seems to  be no way to sort the recorded programs in alphabetical sequence to quickly identify the duplications.  Is there a way to download the list of recordings or to see them on line?


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  • Hello LT Scare,

    Do you have the New Contour DVR? If so, you may be able to access the recordings and 'sort A-Z' and find any saved duplicated recordings this way.

    If you have Contour, and not The New Contour (2), then you may Group titles to locate duplicates. At this time, there isn't an option to delete recordings outside of the DVR receiver. This would be a good suggestion for a feature we can provide feedback to.

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