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Contour - KBLR Las Vegas Telemundo HD ch 1009 and aspect ratio weird issue

This is like a weird issue I am having with Contour affecting only the HD channel 1009 in Las Vegas, NV.

If I set the Contour box Video Output Format to 1080i wide and Stretch 4:3 Pic --- Even if HD Telemundo's feed is 16:9 it is being treated as 4:3 and it stretches. It should not happen this way. All other HD channels are fine and shows all the picture.

The solution I can only do was set it to Sidebar 4:3 Pic or Preserve 4:3 Pic and I get all the picture in channel 1009, however all the SD 4:3 channels will have the black side bars.

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  • Hi Mora61,

    There isn't a problem with your setup. We receive the broadcast for 1009 Telemundo HD with the sidebars. It sounds like you've found a work-around, but this would also affect the sidebar for other channels.

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    Oh, alright. Well then, thanks for pointing out.

    Since it is the station, only time will tell when it is fixed. I'll just accept having the sidebars on all the SD channels.