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Constant Speed drops last 2 weeks

I am hoping I can find an answer here to the issues we are having with my Cox Premier service. For about the last 2 weeks our internet speeds have been dropping drastically. It will start up relatively high, 25 Mbps or so and then slow down all the way to 3,4, or 5 Mb. I have run multiple speed tests on different sites to confirm. I had a tech come out yesterday who claimed it was my router. He would connect the modem directly to the PC and I would jump back up to 190-200 Mbps. As soon as we hooked it back up to the router, it would drop again to 15-20 Mbps sometimes into the single digits. I took his advice and purchased a Netgear N600 dual band router, hooked everything up last night and bam, same issue. I have reset the modem multiple times, tried hooking it again into the computer and I am still getting the pull down even without the router. I am at a loss at to what I need to do next. I should also mention that I the router had two Xbox's hooked up with direct wired connections and one Pc and the speed is a constant across all devices. I do not really use our wifi for anything other than our two phones.

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    N600 is still a kinda low end router for today's standards. I would get one that supports the AC standard.

    Even if the router is fine, there could be a good chance your devices arn't able to pull those speeds wirelessly. Unfortunately, you may have to spend some money to achieve good wireless speeds around the house with a better router and possibly upgraded devices. Cox also has panamooric wifi which will give better coverage around the home

    Cox can only provide a pipe to your house with x amount of speeds, plus a bit more with powerboost. After that, the money you put into your devices is what you're going to get out of it if that makes sense.