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Constant outages (starting at 8 AM)

I work from home, and I keep having outages that coincidentally start at 8 am and go until around 10-11 AM. Your customer service team tells me that each day, the issue will be resolved, yet it comes back again (3 times this week so far).

Today they told me my issues would be resolved by 5 PM, which is coincidentally 1 hour after my scheduled work day ends.

I'm ready to take my 200/month and go with a competitor (who could get me service for much cheaper). 

Do you not provide any uptime guarantee or higher priority service for your outages (for a business account who needs reliable internet)? I could get more reliable service from WIFI tethering on my cell phone at this point.

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    I took a look at the modem from this end however no obvious problems stand out. Do you see any change in the modem lights when you experience problems?