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Constant internet reset


First off I would like to let everyone know I am not tech savy at all. I have been having minor problems with the internet dropping since we started using Cox. At first it was only once or twice a night, usually around the same time. Now it is 10-20 times per hour. It is not only my computer but also on all the devices at home. From Apple Tablets to Netflix, they drop at the same time. It stays off about 30 seconds and then comes back on. I talked to a Tech yesterday and he said the modem was working fine. Sadly I was doing live chat and of course the internet dropped out. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?

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    What model modem and router do you have? Does it effect wired and wireless connections?

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    Netgear AC1900, It is wireless and wired connection also went out. All the cables look good no splits. The modem is still hooked up exactly as the tech did it. Also tried a total modem reset to no avail. 

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    From this end it appears you're using a wireless gateway.  Are you connecting a separate router to the gateway?