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Constant Internet problems

So for the last year or more, I have had to reset my modem and or router multiple times a day. When I check the Modem logs it is full of "No ranging response received - T3 time-out" I have replaced my modem twice. I went to SB6141 and then just yesterday an SB6190. I have read multiple other posts reporting this same problem. COX's answer is always "replace your modem." or "try taking your router out of the equation." For a while we just accepted the fact that we have to reset our modem everyday.

I have had techs out to my house several times. They first said there was no signal strength problems, but replaces all the connections at my house anyways. Then they said there was a problem where the COX connections come into my neighborhood, but instead of sending someone out to fix that, Support called me back and said that’s just something Techs say when they can't find the problem. I have talked to my neighbors and they have the same issues and I am going to check today but I bet they have the same Log entries in the modem. If COX is going to take responsibility for their Infrastructure I am going to start making a ton of noise.

After I talk to my neighbors some more this week, if I don't get a satisfactory answer and action from COX, my next step is contacting the local news station. This is ridiculous. There is no reason we shouldn’t expect and demand better service from the only cable internet company that services our entire area. 

-Fed up with substandard service in Corona De Tucson.

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    same issue im having. techs love to replace ends of cable though

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    It looks like you did have a maintenance ticket open for your account that was recently resolved. If you're still experiencing problems it may be best to have a tech come out and do a follow up visit.

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    I am a 5 year and 8 month customer of Cox with continual connection issues with my internet.

    My disconnection issues have been the same for me over the past two weeks and a repeat of  what happened
    last summer in 2015.

    I stream from one website only, an educational workshop website. My connection lasts anywhere from 3 minutes to 10 minutes, sometimes but not often up to an hour. I have constantly rebooted and replaced both modem and router last year, and now have replaced my modem again. I have run tests with three different computers connecting to modem only and with modem and router. All three computers give exactly the same results. Disconnection buffering and freeze issues with this website. It's not the website, I have contacted their tech support with no issues on their end.

    I have had two Medley technicians from Cox over the past two days who can't find the issue claiming my signal strength is maximum. When I do a speed test it does always test out maximum. I keep telling them the issue is intermittent and can only be repaired by Cox's Maintenance technician. Last year this same issue occurred from April to August 2015 and the only person who was able to fix it was their Maintenance technician. I then had trouble free service for exactly a year to the day, coincidentally.

    I have been calling Cox over the past week since August 8th. Everything that occurred last year at least was documented in their notes. Every time I call to request a higher tier technician I have to continually repeat my story because you can never get the same person twice. That is the way they have it set up. You can tell them to refer to the notes for reference. Today, three days later, I have a supervisor coming to give his two cents worth. They will keep sending technician after technician who will find exactly the same resolve, which is NOTHING! until they send their top level tier technician, which is "Maintenance" who can work on the pole or make amplifier adjustments, or have the capability of actually inspecting the underground cables and taps.

    This has to stop and we need to be able to apply some sort of pressure on Cox to demand higher quality service.

    I am open to suggestions. I also build my own proprietary computer workstations since 2000 and am pretty tech savvy but have not been able to solve this one


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    If you're trying to catch an intermittent issue pingplotter may be useful. You can use that to test the connection to a given host over a period of time and see if any loss shows up in the connection.