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Considering switching from DISH to Contour - confused about something

Two questions that aren't readily apparent to me:

1) Is Contour 2 live and being distributed? (As opposed to "Contour 1"?) 

2) I have three TV's, and want identical DVR on each. So do I need the Record 6 Whole Home DVR and two Contour HD Receivers, or three receivers? (Does the Record 6 act as a receiver for the TV it's on?)

And one question about pricing - I can renew DISH for a two year cost of $2203.44, or sign up with Cox for $2939.52 (similar channel and hardware configs, also assuming I only need two Contour receivers). Pretty significant difference. Any thoughts on getting Cox to align with (or beat!) DISH?


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    Cox only discusses prices one-on-one through private e-maul.  Never in a public forum.  That is a significant difference.

    If you're remotely tolerant of DISH, stay with DISH.

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    Hi Frankfurter,

    Thank you for contacting us. Let's take a look at this for you. Could you send us an email to with your full address and the primary name on the account.

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    Go to or your local store!!!!!!

    Never sent information by e mail.

    Hilary can attest to that.

    PS: I am sorry I left Directv...................