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Connectivity In France

Am currently in Paris, France, and am NOT able to connect to my webmail.  When using email in the US, the email address is, which comes up with my login and works just fine.  However, here in France, when my password is entered, it defaults to, then asks me to enter the last 4 of my SSN for security, which is done, but then nothing happens.  Have tried to change the "east" back to "west" in the URL, but it doesn't help. This is not the first time with this difficulty traveling overseas and my belief is this is a Cox issue, since there is absolutely no issue connecting with my other email accounts and ISP providers.  Would have sent an email direct to Cox from another email account asking for help, but of course their website doesn't provide this form of connection.  Has anyone else encountered this issue and, if so, how to resolve remotely?  Will be here for a bit of time and it most inconvenient to not have the access.  Thanks.

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  • Hi Buckeye Bob,

    Cox added a layer of security to provide our customers with protection against identity left, data breaches, and fraud. This security has been found to sometimes block overseas users from legitimately logging into their Cox account. We have a process in place to escalate and resolve these issues. Since you mentioned having access to another email account, please email with your full name, address, and a link to this page. We'll get this fixed for you!

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    Thanks for the response.  Have just sent an email as you advised.  It so happens that our friends traveling with us are also Cox customers and are having an almost identical issue logging into their account, although they get one step further - after the SSN check it tells them they don't have "a current version for recaptcha" (or something like that).  Will share your response with them. 

    Buckeye Bob in Paris, France

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    @Buckeye Bob
    We will be responding back to email shortly. Can you also have your friends email us too?