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"Connection to server has been lost"

Good morning / afternoon.

Am trying to see if anyone else is experiencing the issue I am having, or has experienced it in the past.  Basically, what is happening, is at random, when online, specifically in Final Fantasy 14, I randomly get disconnected from the servers.  It is only this game, and only on a PS4 Pro.  The other PS4's in the house are ok (only 1 other plays, and it has had "other issues, IE speed problems) but plays Black Ops fine, no issues what so ever.

I have the 300 MBPS package, with the modem that has the phone integrated in it.  I have turned the firewall off completely for the time being (the PC's have their own firewall's) tried both hard wire AND both channels on wireless..... and honestly, its really irritating me.  I did NOT have this problem with good ol Century link, I just had utterly horrible Internet period there, but never DCed

Any advise would be fantastic....

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    If it's just one game on one of the consoles that may suggest this is a game or console issue more so than the Internet connection. It may be useful to also reach out via their support channels to see if there is any guidance on what could be happening.

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    While I may agree, not 2 days prior on centery links network, everything was running fine.  And since, the other system has been getting extremely random speeds when connecting as well now....

    Even more so, that it has become more random.  It might happen during the game, and it might not.  It may happen when I do the trigger, it may not.  It may kick me ofline more then once, then not again at all.