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Connection speeds are bouncing all over

Something has happened the last week and I am stuck.  I have the Premier package and would regularly use speedtest to check the connection on my ipad. Download speeds always were in the 25-40 mb range.  All of a sudden started having a problem. My speed levels are flucuating like mad, usually downward. See it at night when streaming tv is constantly buffering.  At  7:15 this morning same thing. Ihad gone into my modem, a Netgear WNDR3700 and checked settings. I contact Zoom about my 6 month old modem. It is Zoom 5341. I have provided a screenshot from this morning. They told me that the controllables/uncontrollables were way out of line.  Having read some of this forum, I did some speed test this morning. I ran the test on my wired pc and my wireless ipad at the same time. First test result wired download 4.78mb  ---  wireless 1.70mb.  I then ran the test immediately again. this time wired download 9.76mb    wireless 27.81mb. The wireless blew away the wired. Again, these tests were going on at the exact same time. Looking for answers. Nothing has changed the on my end the last two weeks, same equipment, same usage etc.. Why all of a sudden the problem

This page displays information on the status of the cable modem's HFC and IP network connectivity.
Startup Procedure
Procedure    Status    Comment
Acquire Downstream Channel    939000000 Hz    Locked
Connectivity State    OK    Operational
Boot State         
Configuration File    OK    
Security    Enabled    BPI+

Downstream Bonded Channels
Channel    Modulation    Frequency    Power    SNR    Correctables    Uncorrectables
1    QAM256    939000000 Hz    -4.7 dBmV    34.9 dB    147    193
2    QAM256    909000000 Hz    -6.5 dBmV    35.9 dB    38    21
3    QAM256    915000000 Hz    -4.7 dBmV    37.1 dB    81    58
4    QAM256    921000000 Hz    -6.0 dBmV    35.7 dB    198    87
5    QAM256    927000000 Hz    -7.6 dBmV    34.1 dB    273    94
6    unknown    933000000 Hz    -7.0 dBmV    23.2 dB    56416    168736
7    QAM256    945000000 Hz    -3.0 dBmV    36.3 dB    50    62
8    QAM256    951000000 Hz    -2.3 dBmV    36.8 dB    19    55

Total Correctables    Total Uncorrectables
57222    169306

Upstream Bonded Channels
Channel    US Channel Type    Symbol Rate    Frequency    Power
1    ATDMA    5120 Ksym/sec    37104000 Hz    42.0 dBmV
2    ATDMA    5120 Ksym/sec    30704000 Hz    40.8 dBmV
3    ATDMA    5120 Ksym/sec    23696000 Hz    40.3 dBmV
4    TDMA and ATDMA    2560 Ksym/sec    18896000 Hz    40.5 dBmV

CM IP Address        

Current System Time: Fri Oct 21 07:19:24 2016

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    There definitely seems to be a problem on one of the channels where the SNR is 23.2 dB - with severe frame corruption.  Try power cycling the modem to see if it can try to avoid the 933MHz frequency.  Check your connections/cables - reseat all connections, make sure there is no build-up on any of them.  If you have a splitter, try bypassing it.  Check where the cable comes into the building, etc.

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    I'm located in Las Vegas NV and have the same issue. Its been bad for over a month but lately its daily and aggravating as heck. Ours is just as low and lower in some cases. Here is our test results. We have the same Premier package. Start Cox Net Download Speed Upload Speed Latency Your IP Address Cox Market Wed Oct 19 11:17 AM Yes 61 Mbps 12 Mbps 8 millisec Las Vegas Cox Net Download Speed Upload Speed Latency Your IP Address Cox Market Wed Oct 19 12:18 AM Yes 49 Mbps 12 Mbps 10 millisec Las Vegas Wed Oct 19 12:02 AM Yes 47 Mbps 12 Mbps 5 millisec Las Vegas Tue Sep 20 01:44 PM Yes 52 Mbps 12 Mbps 8 millisec Las Vegas Sat Sep 17 10:52 AM Yes 60 Mbps 12 Mbps 8 millisec Las Vegas Fri Oct 09 12:17 PM Yes 70 Mbps 16 Mbps 8 millisec Las Vegas Fri Jul 04 09:47 PM Yes 65 Mbps 21 Mbps 12 millisec Las Vegas Wed Jul 02 01:35 PM Yes 65 Mbps 22 Mbps 11 millisec Las Vegas Mon Jun 30 10:50 PM Yes 18 Mbps 17 Mbps 15 millisec Las Vegas Thu Jun 19 12:51 PM Yes 65 Mbps 21 Mbps 11 millisec Las Vegas Wed May 28 10:16 PM Yes 65 Mbps 19 Mbps 13 millisec Las Vegas Sat Aug 03 01:37 PM Yes 63 Mbps 17 Mbps 15 millisec Las Vegas
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    Bah text overload - I'm not even going to try to interpret that.  If you are on premier, my recommendations above stand - check your cables, try it on wired etc.

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    Although I have reset my modem several times, I will take off all the connections, reinsert them and try again. I will also put a new coax cable on. I have no splitters. What might I be looking at on the outside of the building? As a FYI, that channel 6 "unknown", I am almost positive I saw the SNR earlier at "0" when I got a speedtest result of .88 mb, yes under 1. Sent me off on a internet search of what SNR stood for. This morning it was back to what I posted. I just check now when I got home and SNR at 32.8 and download speed at  61mb.  Is the SNR supposed to jump al over like that? Seems to coincide with the poor performance. Oh, since this morning when I took the screenshot, I know have 227,000 uncotrollables on that same channel. Thanks for any input you can provide

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    In your case I suspect the issue is a modem not capable of delivering consistent speeds at that level. I'd suggest upgrading to a modem with minimum 8x downstream channels.

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    If none of that helps it may be time to see about having a tech come out and troubleshoot further.