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Connection Keeps Dropping

Good evening. I had a technician out yesterday to move our router to an upstairs office. I understand he updated our connections and found that we had an excellent signal strength, yet my connection drops 3-5 times or more a day. As I work from home and rely on a VOIP phone (plugged directly into router) this is extremely troublesome. I've tried resetting the modem and unplugging the router multiple times. When it happens, the all router lights turn off, then everything disconnects and resets - VOIP, connection on laptop, wifi on cell phone, etc. Should we just have another technician come out? We're renting a Netgear N900 from Cox.

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    From this end the modem is reporting good signal levels but it is showing a lot of power adjustments trying to maintain sync. Do you have it plugged into a power strip with a lot of other devices? It may be worth trying a different power source and seeing if there is any change.