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Connection Issues

I have been having chronic network issues for over 4 months now. At first I thought that my issues were purely due to the fact that I was experiencing issues when running my PC off of a wifi extender, but after setting up a new hard wire connection to my computer, I have been experiencing the same behavior that I had been seeing before. Also, my issues have not been limited to my computer. When connecting to my wifi network on my phone or TV I experience the same behaviors that I do when being connected via ethernet.

I now keep my network graph constantly open on one of my monitors so that I can take a screenshot of it whenever I experience issues. Since October 7 of this year I have over 240 screenshots with each showing the same behavior. I will be operating like normal and then I will experience a sudden loss of network quality to the point of not being able to load basic web pages. There are hardly every any noticeable symptoms that can show that I am about to lose connection, most graphs are healthy for whatever operation I happen to be performing at the time whether that be video streaming, downloading, or playing online video games. 

The constant issues have becoming an increasingly annoying detriment to my daily routine and have even prevented me from being able to play most online games out of fear that I will be kicked from the match to a loss of connection and will face penalties for perceived poor teamwork.

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    @Diego Vasquez

    We'd like to take a look at your signal levels from this end please email to your full address, primary name on the account and URL to this forum.

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    I have the Silver plan which is supposed to be 100mps download and 10 uploAD.  my speed test shows 36mps up and 12 mps down.  In addition I have started having buffering problems when my wife and I watch tv at night. Tech says my mdem is timing out but they want to convert me to the new rent a modem plan.  I don't want a rent a modem plan.  I bought the odem from them one year ago.  Im not sure what to do net.

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    Please email full address and primary name on the account to so we can take a look.

  • The complaints in this thread are shared by me also.  Since I started paying an additional $50/month for Unlimited Premiere Internet, my service has sucked worse than prior.  Since October 1st, I have had multiple "Cox" technicians come to my home, rewiring even if it wasn't necessary, because a neighborhood node was misbehaving.  I have called Cox at least 30 times and twice in the last 24 hours. 

    Problem 1: Cox has hired "Cox Business Partners" who answer the tech support lines.  They many times DO NOT document that you even called!  So they show no record of your call reporting an outage.  If you ask for a credit for bad or no service, then the agent looks for documentation and finds none.  Not documenting that a paying customer called in to report an outage or a "denial of service" is unacceptable, but it's common at Cox.

    Problem 2:  Multiple "Cox subcontractors" who are NOT Cox employees are being used by Cox.  They come to your house and usually are not up to speed on the problem, spend little time trying to solve it, and leave with the problems unresolved or poorly resolved.  The fact that Cox is jobbing service calls out to third party subs is disgusting.  I have had three months of issues with poor connectivity, most  having to do with issues exterior to my home and likely due to poor subcontractor performance in the field.

    Problem 3: When you call Cox Tech support and you ask for a Cox employee, you are told that there is no way to connect you to an employee.  So every time you call Cox, make sure you ask them if they are a Cox employee or just a Cox Business Partner.  If they say the latter, just hang up and try again.

    Problem 4: Telephone agents have NO idea about what's going on in the field unless an outage is planned.  Unplanned outages..and we've had 30+ in two months....result in the phone agent knowing nothing about your neighborhood,  The field crews do NOT communicate with the telephone agents. A Cox supervisor (good luck trying to get one on the phone) is the only one who can send a trouble report "upstream" in hopes it will get reviewed by the field technicians.

    If you continue to have poor service, intermittent Internet, slow performance...CHECK your cable modem logs and print them if possible.  The logs won't lie.  If Cox thinks your crazy or a chronic complainer, show them the logs...tell them to put the logs in their pipes and smoke them instead of the wacky weed I think some of them are into.

    Above all: DO NOT TRUST THAT YOU ARE SUCCESSFULLY COMMUNICATING YOUR PROBLEM TO COX, even after a reassuring phone call from their agents. You may need to secure the phone number of the Cox crew in Atlanta that deal with unresolved issues.  Complain to Atlanta about your bad service and hope that someone in Atlanta gets up off their keester and does something to help you.

    I can't wait till Google Fiber is in my area.  I just can't wait.  These 24  years with Cox have been terrible.

  • Hi VeryCoxWeary,

    We would certainly like to address your issues. The purpose of the Cox Internet Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox Cable, Telephone and High Speed Internet services with other customers. This appears as if you may need for someone to look into your account personally.  We can definitely be able to assist you with this.  Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at Provide us the name on the account with the full service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.