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Connection and buffering issues since switching to Cox.

We recently switched from Att to Cox. Our smart TV worked fine before the switch. Now it barely loads Fandango and constantly stops to buffer. My son is also having difficulties connecting to Netflix on his Xbox. Both are WiFi. I made sure to get a modem on the approved list for the Premier level. The technician also connected a phone router, so I have two boxes. 

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    What model modem, router or gateway do you have?  Do you have a computer you can connect wired to the modem?  If so, please run a speedtest wired directly to the modem, thanks.  This will help isolate the problem to either the cable line/modem or WiFi.

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    Hi Startree1,

    Are you using wireless connections? Do you have the same issue with a wired connection to your modem/router?