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Connecting a Blu/ray/DVD player to TV with Cox Contour Box (old style)

I  recently joined Cox with Cox Contour Starter package. I also have internet and phone thru Cox.

The equipment I have is:

Cisco 4742HDC box   Linksys router model WRT160N V2.     Cox Modem Cisco DPQ3212

My TV is an old style TV (not flat screen) with only RCA connections and coax connections. The RCA input/output is already in use to the cable box.

I just bought a Samsung Blu-Ray/DVD player model BD-JM57/BD-JM57C. It has 3 input/output connections. Coax, HDMI and Ethernet. I have connected the ethernet from the router to the Blu-ray , no problem. The problem is my OLD TV Coax connection is a twist on and the Blu-ray player is a coax compression  connection.

Before I go out and by a new Coax cable, can I use a coax compression connector on a twist on input?

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    No.  Although it's the same type of cable (75-ohm coaxial), it's a different type of connector than your TV.  Your TV has an F-Type connector (screw-on threads) and your Blu-ray has an RCA.  An RCA plug won't fit an F-Type connector.

    Furthermore, that coaxial connection on your Blu-ray player is digital audio out.  Technically it's called S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital InterFace).  It's designed to carry digital audio signals from the player to an Audio/Video receiver.  This connection doesn't carry video signals.

    Unfortunately, your Blu-ray player is not compatible with your analog TV.  Even if your cable box wasn't using the RCA connectors on your TV, there is no way to connect the two devices.

    If you really want to keep your old style TV, there are a couple devices you could buy.  One would be an HDMI-to-RCA converter box.  You'd connect an HDMI cable from your Blu-ray to the converter, and then connect RCA cables from the converter to your TV.  However, you've got two HD devices:  cable box and Blu-ray player.  Therefore, the converter box would also need to be an HDMI Switch.  A Switch allows you to connect multiple HD sources to one HDMI port on your TV...or, in your case, one set of RCA ports on your TV.  A Switch also comes with a small remote control to switch between devices.  However, the converter will be useless when your old style TV finally breaks,

    The other alternative is an Audio/Video receiver.  You'd connect everything to the receiver (cable box, Blu-ray) and then connect the receiver to the TV via RCA cables.

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    You should get an HDTV.  Depending on your price range, you can get a great one for a few hundred dollars.

    29-inch:  Samsung UN28H4000 for $160
    32-inch:  Samsung UN32J5500 for $250
    40-inch:  Samsung UN40KU6300 for $450

    Where do you shop?  I could compare what they have on hand to how Consumer Reports rates it.