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connect to compete

An unknown program that I am trying to get established for my Disabled Daughter. Her daughter qualifies for the school lunch program, however she is being told that she needs to cancel her internet for 90 days then apply for this program.

I called in today and tried to have her current billing transferred into my name, so she would be "cancelled" for the 90 days. I was told by the Cox help line, that the program goes by ADDRESS not SUBSCRIBER. It says that NOWHERE!  It says YOU cannot have had Cox for the last 90 days.

 My Daughter spends over $85 dollars of her disability check, each month, over a thousand dollars in a year, so her daughter can use the internet to complete classroom work. They have NO cable TV.

Anybody have any great ideas on what to do?

Thanks, Tony

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    thisneds moved to the internet forum also post to the coxfacebook page