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Connect Internet Other Room


Here is how I am using Cox services.

Kitchen: Cox TV
Living Room: Cox TV
Office: Cox Internet

I am getting the office remodeled soon.

Can I connect the computer in the living room without a service call?

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    Hi Elsie,

    If you are relocating your computer to the living room, along with your modem, you would not need a service call.  However, you will need to install a splitter on your living room cable outlet so that you continue to receive your Cox TV signal and share it with your internet modem.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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    How is your computer connected? If wirelessly (Wi-Fi), you might not have to do anything other than move the computer. If wired, it might be easier to just run a long Ethernet cable to the LR. Ugly, but if the remodel will keep you out of your office for only a few days, expedient.

    Just a suggestion.