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Connect Android phone?

How do I connect my Samsung Galaxy J3 to my Cox wifi network? I've scanned for available networks and it doesn't show up. I've rebooted phone, modem, etc., and doesn't show as an available network. Showed immediately on my desktop running Win 10. What should I do on my smartphone? Thanks.

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    If you are unable to see your network's SSID, you can try pushing the WPS button on the router to connect your phone to the internet. You should be able to connect that way.

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    I tried pushing the WPS button and selected same phone setting but it times out before finding the network. Originally on the desktop I could only see and connect to the 5ghz network, then a few days ago the 2.4ghz network showed up and it showed up on my smartphone too. But when trying to connect on the smartphone, after entering the passcode, it continually says " authentication error"??. I entered the same passcode on the desktop and it connects. Should I try changing the Network settings in My Wi-Fi? In advance setting the Band Channel can be changed from Automatic to one of the 11 channels, if so which one? Or change the Wireless Security from WPA-PSK to Open or WPA2-PSK? Or any other ideas?
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    Are you tried doing a factory reset on the gateway? Use a pointed non-metallic object when pressing the button and hold for at least 15 seconds.