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Conference Call issues

I have a a cox landline. I was trying to do a 3 way conference as follows,

I am not able to do a 3 way conference to a USA mobile with a India Mobile number using my cox landline phone ( this scenario does not work). I tried multiple times..but never seems to work

This works only for Landline phone. any solutions for this ?

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    Hi Conference call issues,

    What happens when you place the call? Are you getting any messages?

  • Nothing happens...Sometimes i get some weird message this is not working, and sometimes..the dialled number just does not go through at all..

  • Additionally I am on a Silver bundle..and I was told, this phone has all features and unlimited calling..

  • Hi Conference call issues,

    When you initiate the 3-way call which number are you dialing first, USA mobile or India mobile? Is the USA mobile number a local number? If this is a local number, are you entering the area code? We can certainly look into this for you. Please email our team at with this post, your full name and complete address.

  • I was confirmed from COX today that this 3 way conference does not work..which is a surprising response and update from them, after calling them for the 3rd time. They never told this does not work when i inquired on day 1 when trying to take this silver bundle..and they confirmed everything will work

    After going thru many other issues with COX since 1.5 months, my experience with COX has been very disappointing..

    I have tried to conference in every probable that they confirmed today that it wont was the most disappointing thing from COX..U dnt even have a mob app for making calls...

    COX just gave me false news and promises..

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    Hi Conference call issues,

    I'm sorry for the troubles you've experienced. Does your three-way calling work when trying with any USA phone numbers or even local numbers? We want to make sure the feature itself is at least working.

  • I think it works for USA local numbers(landline and mobile). But for my cause its a huge drawback, and being misinformed is another blunder from COX. Other providers have this from day 1, and i never had to reach them for this. for COX from my experience and the way my case was handled since 1.5 months

  • Hello, we apologize that the conference call feature you are attempting to use will not work in the manner in which you are trying to use it.  It does work fine using it to dial any US based wireless or landline phone.  The feature is disabled for completing conference calls overseas to protect our customers from potential fraud situations.  We are sorry you were not able to obtain this information sooner.