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Compatible box/cable card and splitter questions

I want to purchase my own box. Right now all I do is watch TV or watch streaming stuff on the my smart TV.  My bill is too expensive and I need reduce expenses.

I currently have a rental Cisco Explorer 4642HDC and a Samsung Smart TV.
Here are my questions,

1.) Could I purchase the same box? I see them for sale.  What do I need to do to get it to work.  I know I have to rent a cable card but what else? Do I need a tuner.

2.) I looked at this solution from bryaninphx


There is a fairly inexpensive alternative if all you need is an HD Set-top-box tuner. There are no associated monthly Guide fees.

Samsung GX-SM530CF Cable Box and Streaming Media Player with Built-In Wi-Fi

You would need to rent a CableCARD from Cox for $2/mo and you get the Tuning Adapter for free.

i like this solution and have thought about previously. Since  I already have a splitter that my cable from the wall feeds into internet, on one side and for for cable on the other - . how do I get the above solution to work.

My last option, which I do not want to do yet,  is to get rid of cable completely and just keep the internet and use Roku and Sling. I happen to have an unlimited cell data grandfathered plan and can stream to my hearts content. I have already cut the landline cord a few years and I may be more ready than I thought but  I do like having cable so if I could reduce my expenses a but I could keep it.

Thanks for any help

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  • Miz.Chellie,

    For billing questions, we recommend contacting Cox by speaking with an agent over the phone, or contacting our Social Media Group through Facebook, Twitter, or email for billing questions. We would hate to lose your business. Over forums, we can share technical assistance.

    A rental of a Digital receiver, Cable Card and Tuning Adapter, HD DVR, or Mini Box are required to receive the Cox TV Channel Lineup.

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    Can you go both coaxial > splitter > tuner adapter + cablecard AND coaxial > tuner adapter > cablecard? I heard the tuner adapter is a built in downstream amp that can both help and cause problems depending on the signal situation. 

  • I do not have billing questions - I simply stated that I am trying to reduce expenses which I do not think is a violation fo the forum.

    I appreciate the info on what is needed.  You said

    A rental of a Digital receiver, Cable Card and Tuning Adapter, HD DVR, or Mini Box are required to receive the Cox TV Channel Lineup. 

    But you did not address MY QUESTIONS.

    I knew that already from the answer that Bryan provided  I already have a splitter because of the not-so-great install Cox did 20 years ago when they installed a splitter for cable and internet.

    The solution listed says you need a splitter.

    I also asked if I could buy my own CIsco box.I bought  a TV, went to the Cox solutions store to exchange my very old box and must say I am quite annoyed that I received 4642HDC which is very old, beat-up, scratched, rattles and is no longer even supported. Great way to treat a 30 year old customer. So can I buy that model of a box and will it work? I can get it dirt cheap.

    I am a 30 YEAR CUSTOMER OF COX - why was I given a piece of ** box -- was it because I did not know any better?

    I do not mean to "go off" on  you personally. When I cannot get a clear answer about what is needed so that I can save $'s and purchase my own box it REALLY irritates me. I come to the forum for help and am very upfront about what I want. I could go to other forums and get the answer but I would think that Cox would assist since I am a Cox Customer.  When I got irritated at the phone company about 7 years ago I cut the cord and am thisclose right now.

    I will see if anyone else answered my technical questions.

  • Thanks Tecknowhelp - I am not sure but I am going to look into that.

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    You can't buy your own "box". You can only buy devices compatible with cable cards if you want to use Cox service. What were your technical questions from this point on?

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    cable boxes are not sold to the general public.  TiVo can use cable cards an tuning adapter but require a monthly or yearly or one time payment to TiVo for TiVo service.