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commercials interrupted

why do certain ads on cox cable never finish? although I don't look forward to ever sitting through a barrage of ads, sometimes...I actually WANT to see what they're talking about! And, as I was a former business owner (many years ago) who used to advertise, I would be very upset to discover that my ads were being cut off after a couple of words, in some instances. Case in point--there is an ad that simply says"Elephants"--and then just goes to another commercial. I have NEVER heard the complete ad, though I have heard the only word, "Elephants" hundreds (no exaggeration) of times, along with a picture of an elephant. This is one of many examples which I have seen over the 11 years I'vebeen a Cox customer. Please explain. I am in Westerly, RI Thank you.

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    Hi fonz24,

    Sounds like what you're describing is the problem we call "clipping." It's something that happens when local commercials are inserted into predetermined time slots in national network feeds. Usually the insertion is seamless, but sometimes the timing isn't quite right. I know it's irritating, and I apologize! We're as annoyed when this happens as the viewers are, so we have a team that works to adjust the timing. Whenever you see or hear commercials cutting off or overlapping, please email my team at with these details: The date and time the clipping occurred, the channel number, your city and state, and if possible, the products involved in the conflicting commercials. Thanks!