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College football

Do you have a package that includes college football ? Do not want a movie package, just college football games!

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    Any specific team of conference?  Or just any game?  There are games on ESPN, FS1, ESPNU and CBS Sports tonight.

  • There is the Sports Pak and Sports Pak 2. Cox is running special pricing on the combo right now.
  • I had to add the Sports & Information pak AND Sports 2 pak to get what I wanted out of sports.  They're only $3.50/month each right now!

  • Hi Danijoh69,

    Take a look at the channel lineup for your area at Be sure to set your location using the drop-down box in the upper right-hand corner of the page. For a PDF layout, click on the "Printable Lineup" link at the top of the page. Sports & Info Pak and Sports Pak 2 are your best bet for college football games.