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Coax cable

Only one cable connector in my apartment is active. So, today I went in and got a splitter to use for my tv and wifi modem. When I plug everything into the splitter, nothing works. However, when I plug them directly in (without the splitter) separately everything works perfectly. Would that just be a bad splitter?

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    Typically this would indicate either a bad splitters or not enough signal at the outlet to support adding a splitter. The modem seems to be online with great signal so without more to go on I suspect the splitter itself is the more likely possibility.

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    So, where could I get a splitter that works? I got the one that I have from the Cox Solutions Store here in Ark City.

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    how was the splitter hooked up?  if it was correctly wired return the splitter and see if they can test it.

  • Hi Jfoley,

    Splitters are very easy to find these days. Drug stores, big-box discount stores, electronic stores, hardware stores, and Cox Solution Stores all carry splitters. Cox recommends a coaxial 5-1000 MHz splitter with a signal loss of only 3.5dB on each output port. I hope this helps!