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CNNgo and other streaming services no longer available

We are using Amazon Fire TV. Since a few weeks, we are unable to access CNNgo and other streaming services. A "You are not authorized to view this content." message shows (on other apps a short "No Auth" appears.

What is happening? 

Using Cox Preferred, no TV service.


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  • Musepux,

    Have you had a subscription to Cox for TV in the past? Many broadcast stations now require you to authenticate through your television service provider, particularly when trying to view live content. If you do not maintain an active television subscription, in these instances you would get an the "No Auth" or "You are not authorized..." messages if signing in with your primary Cox user ID where access to the content is tied to your subscription.

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    Hi Colleen,

    thanks for your response and sorry for the late reply - no idea why I was not notified.

    We did not have a TV subscription in the past.

    Unfortunately the offers I was getting from COX were not attractive for us (and confusing), so we are currently just streaming.


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    @ Musepux

    Should your situation change, or if I can provide any assistance in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me at and you're most welcome.