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Cloud Drive Mac does not read my local drives properly

I have 2 drives with my Macbook Pro. My photos, documents, and music are kept on the external drive. In the setup of Cloud Drive for Mac to select the folders for backup, the app does not even detect my User folder on the external drive.  See the screen shot below, which shows the location of the folder in my Finder and what shows up in the Cloud Drive settings panel:

What is going on with this?  Looks to me like this app was not coded very well.  I am running a MBP with 8gb or ram under Sierra 10.12.3  

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    I'm not certain that the Cloud Drive app will follow mount points or symlinks across devices. You may wish to contact our Cloud Drive support at 1-800-923-7580 to find out more about if this is supported or if there are any limitations with regards to external devices.