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Cloud Backup drive Drive errors

Every night I seem to get multiple errors on cloud backup. The error always is always the same, can not connect to server.

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    You might be hitting a timeout/issue on your modem, on the server end, or on your PC.  Does your computer go to sleep when not in use?  Do you have your power management turned on for the network card?

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    I don't think its a sleep thing, I can manually start it on PC and see a error within 30 seconds. It is suppose to never go into sleep mode.

    Error code 801 all the time, I have seen others with this issue on posts that are locked, seems to be no real solution a year or two ago
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    Based on the error that you are receiving, it would be best to speak with our Cloud Drive support team at 1-800-923-7580. They would be able to assist you with any issues you're having uploading to our storage space.