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Closed VPN and other ports

Hi! I'm trying to get my Vivint security system to connect (more specifically to be able to broadcast cameras via wifi) and our VPN will not connect or allow camera broadcasting via wireless so we can view the live stream on our mobile devices. 

I've had serious issues in the past year with ports and our Cox internet service. My bluehost email account will no longer load via our home internet (will everywhere else) and our old ADT security system would not work with our internet either. It worked at first, and then one day during a connectivity technical support call, it all stopped working immediately after a reset from Cox's end. 

We've attempted port forwarding, but I'm striking out! Cox technical support has been less than helpful, and we are quite fed up!

Has anybody had a similar problem with a positive solution? 

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    This sounds like a networking issue, not a ISP issue, so not surprised Cox wasn't much help.

    What model modem/router/gateway do you have and what have you tried for port forwarding? What kind of VPN are you using?