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closed caption on/off

I know I can go to settings and turn on/off closed caption. but why can't the cc button on the remote not turn on/off closed caption? FYI I'm using the URC-8820-MOTO remote with cox DVR

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    The moderators promised to fix a few glitches in their software...but it was just promises.  Auto-Tune to HD was another promise.

  • Hi Bgirl,

    The URC-8820 remote was actually designed for our Contour receivers. The CC button on the 8820 now works to turn CCs on and off when paired with a Contour receiver.

    The silver remotes designed for Rovi DVRs do not have a CC button, so the CC setting was implemented via the Settings menu. The Rovi software wasn't designed to respond to a CC command from the remote control.
  • Hi Bruce,

    The NOVA launch of the Rovi HD Auto-Tune feature has been delayed. I'm sorry! I'll let you know when I get more information.