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CLIC Contour 2

Does Contour 2 supposed to be working with CLID ? It worked for awhile and now doesn't. Mesa, AZ Cox tech support via chat says yes, but it doesn't and they didn't have a clue.

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  • Jerry_W,

    The New Contour supports the TV Caller ID Banner. Have you verified the feature is turned on with the Host Receiver? If you haven't yet verified this, you may access the TV Caller ID Settings Menu.

    Press the Contour Button on your Cox remote to access the Main menu,
    Use the arrows to highligh the gear icon, then press OK
    Highligh Preferences, then press OK
    then highlight Notifications, then press OK.
    Highlight Contour Voice, then press OK to turn off or on.

    If you have a voice remote, you may hold the microphone button and say:
    "Turn On TV Caller ID"

    If these steps have been verified and still no banner, then we would need to take a closer look. If the later is the case, please email us at and include your address and name. Please include this forums link in your email.