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Cisco DPQ3925 firmware update? - Sept 2016

Is there a firmware update for Cisco DPQ3925 routers past March 2016?

I found an article from March 2016 saying that Cisco patched multiple flaws in their routers, including DPQ3925. I'm curious if Cox has updated firmware from Cisco that it could apply. Here is a link to the article:

My DPQ3925 firmware has these details:

- Current Software Revision: d3925-P15-5-c2100r5593-151216a-COX

- Firmware Name: d3925-P15-5-c2100r5593-151216a-COX.bin

- Firmware Build Time:  Dec 16 10:42:59 2015

If there is no firmware update, and I want to re-flash my firmware to do a deeper factory reset, where can I find this .BIN file from Cox?



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    Thanks Tiffany. When should I expect that to take effect? Checking right now at 10:15am ET, after a device restart I'm seeing no change in the firmware name or build time.

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    that's the latest approved for cox that is why you don't see anything different

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    The firme ware was already pushed and it did load it without any errors being it was current to our system already it should show the same version.

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    Ah, sorry I understand now. Sorry I was expecting to see some change in a timestamp. Thanks everyone for the replies -- I'll close out this post.