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Cisco DPC3825 Firmware Update

I need the latest firmware for my router. This is what I currently have in my router;

Model: Cisco DPC3825
Vendor: Cisco
Hardware Revision: 1.0
MAC Address: 7c:b2:1b:cb:1f:5b
Bootloader Revision: 2.3.0_R3
Current Software Revision: dpc3825-v302r125574-170105a-COX
Firmware Name: dpc3825-v302r125574-170105a-COX.bin
Firmware Build Time: Jan 5 09:25:59 2017
Cable Modem Status: Operational
Wireless Network: Enable

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  • Hello,

    The installation of firmware version cisco_dpc3825-v302r125574-151216a-COX_C_151218.p7b has been initiated but will take 20-45 minutes to complete.  Once done the modem will reboot again.  If it does not take please contact us to reapply the update.